Breathe for String Quartet and Electronics (11 minutes) This piece combines sound of breathing with the acoustic sounds of the string quartet. Each instrument has a pitch set and a defining arc – with a sense of respiration. This piece is dedicated to my mother Mary Margaret Bradfish.

T for Drum Solo and Electronics is about the intersection of cross-rhythms and drones. Cross-rhythms represent in some societies the place of conflict in our lives. Drones, in their traditional role, hold the opportunity for finding our center in the midst of strife.

Water for SATB and Electronics began with a collection of sounds.  Wordless, the voices imitate water as they meet in minor seconds or microtones and then flow apart—like waves and dives into deep water. Water uses some live processing along with fixed electronics.

Together and A/Part in East Garfield Park (fixed electronics) – 6 minutes: In October 2013 I moved to East Garfield Park Chicago. Carroll Avenue is the home of artists studios – as well as various multi and single-family homes. This piece explores the sounds of the neighborhood.