In 2017 and 2018, I was inspired by artists whose colors and textures spoke to my ears. Curved Silence is influenced by one of painter Anna Kunz's water color "Scores." Here the piece is performed by Lakeshore Rush. The recording was made possible by a generous grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.


In the fall of 2015, I began a search for home. This led to stays in Santa Fe, San Diego, France, Costa Rica, China and always a return to Chicago. Along the way I gave up a home and discovered home again and again. I learned not to assume the permanence of home, yet honored the longing. I wrote to find grounding and centering, and to share what emerged. 

Exhale was inspired by Jonathan Harvey's Still for Tuba and Electronics. It takes the last notes from Still and with the addition of one note explores that sound through vocals, tuba and percussion. The piece was developed for the Exhale instrument, a resonating bed that allows the listener to feel sound as much as hear it. Performers include Beth McDonald (Tuba), Neal Markowski (Percussion), and Beth Bradfish (Vocals and Electronic).

Fanfare with Singing Insects of South Pond, Lincoln Park for Orchestra and Electronics (4 minutes). Imagine a clearing surrounded by prairie grasses. It’s early evening in late August and people are seated or standing nearby. The singing insects of summer are in full voice. That is the experience this piece conveys. 

Three Meditations

These three meditations (Transformations, Spirit and Ties) were created in my studio. They are in some cases pieces of other works that I felt could stand on their own and so I pushed them a little further. They are meant quite directly as a gift to all with the hope that they bring peace and ease.

Melt for laptop ensemble, guitar, piano, cello, ebows and smartphones is an exploration in extended sounds and closely relatedpitches that melt together. Its movements start with Earth, and then go on to Ice, Kettle and Steam. The audience is invited to participate by playing files from Soundcloud. Melt is dedicated to the memory of Catherine Rategan: December 16, 1932-March 23, 2016. Performed by Larry Axelrod (piano), Elizabeth Start (cello) and Timothy Johnson (guitar).