Untied/United - Harvestworks

Harvestworks NYC awarded a one-year residency (2018) to create a work that would be featured at Governors Island NYC. With visual artist Connie Noyes and creative engineer Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon, I created Untied / United, a room that vibrated with the sounds of life.

Attachments - Harvestworks -
Issue Project Room

As part of my residency with Harvestworks, I had the opportunity to create a performance based on the sounds and themes used in Untied/United. Performers were Diane Moser on Piano and Max Johnson on Contrabass.


Internationales Musikinstitut
Darmstadt, DE

This two minute video shows an installation - the result of a workshop with sound artist Christina Kubisch during the summer institute at Darmstadt, DE 2018. Thank you to Christina for allowing me to use her unique equipment for recording "invisible" sounds - electromagnetic waves. The installation was shown at the Kunstalle Darmstadt.


Deep Green - High Concept Laboratories

In August, 2018 I began a residency with HCL. My project was to create an installation and performance. Using transducers attached to the glass walls of the studio at Mana Contemporary, I created a vibrating room in which performers and audience could respond and create improvisations.

Here are some of the transducers that transformed the glass into speakers.

Here are some of the transducers that transformed the glass into speakers.


Color Cast and Curved Silence

Painter Anna Kunz inspired two works: a sound floor for her exhibit Color Cast at Hyde Park Art Center and Curved Silence - a composition performed by Lakeshore Rush ensemble.

To the right is a video of Anna Kunz’ exhibit with sounds from the vibrating sound floor that I created with large transducers attached to the floor boards.

Curved Silence is based on my synesthetic response to one Anna Kunz's water color "Scores." The painting and recording is to the right. The recording was made possible by a generous grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.