Images from France Sounds from Chicago (2010) 5 minutes

This was a video and sound collaboration between photographer Annkathrin Pfaffendorf and Beth. The images are of shadows cast on the side of a barn in France - all shot on one afternoon. Editing is by Annkathrin and Dave Murray. Sounds were created using ProTools and other software.

Back of the Yards for Bass Clarinet and Electronics (2013) 8 minutes

This work premiered at the Zhou B Art Center as part of the Chicago Architectural Foundation’s (CAF) Open House Chicago event (in collaboration with Access Contemporary Music). The form of the piece reflects the Chinese concept of The Eight Tones – an ancient classification system used to categorize Chinese instruments according to the materials from which they are made - silk, bamboo, wood, stone, metal, clay, gourd or hide. The scored piece was performed by Christie Miller accompanied by sounds created, recorded and mixed live during performance.