Sound that is felt as much as it is heard has been a focus for the past few years. Working with sculptor Celia Greiner, we have developed instruments that allow the visitor to touch and be touched by sound.

exhale proto.JPG


Exhale is as much about feeling sound as hearing it. Visitors can lie down and let the sound flow through them.  Breathe in, exhale – and let go of everything you don’t need. 

For the past year our team has worked with different woods as well as brass to explore how these materials carry sound when combined with tactile transducers.

Exhale was inspired by the work of Beth McDonald (tuba) and Neal Markowski (percussionist), especially with their duo Korean Jeans.

sound cart elements.JPG

The Sound Cart

The Sound Cart is about the intimacy of sound.  Acoustic instruments are designed to transmit vibrations created by the action of performers. What happens to those instruments when there is a different source of vibrations? The Sound Cart uses small transducers to convert objects they are attached to (the board and the horns) into tactile speakers. However, because these objects have unique characteristics, the sound itself changes.  Small amplifiers take the signals contained on an Arduino wav player and send them to the transducers.